Don't Blink

The session bundle to capture the fleeting “baby” stage

The “baby” stage will fly by in a blur

Congrats! You’ve just added a new little squish to your family. Those first few weeks and months seem like they’re never ending (sleep deprivation, anyone?) but they also fly by soooo fast you hardly know what hit you. Before you know it, you’ll have a toddler who’s off and busy exploring their world.

The Don’t Blink session bundle is designed to be an easy, one-stop way to capture your baby’s transformation from tiny little squish to bouncing, personality-filled toddler. You choose 3 sessions that fit your needs best – and save an entire session fee in the process.

A newborn baby boy is cradled in his mothers arms on her lap as he sleeps
A 6 month old baby boy holds himself up on a blanket outdoors while smiling
A 1 year old boy shoves a giant wad of cake in his mouth
an 18 month old girl looks up and smiles as blades of grass rain down on her

How it works

Pick your three sessions

Pick the three sessions that work best for your family, and choose a tentative date for each session. Pay a session fee equal to 2 of the sessions, the third session is free when bundled! 

hit pause on each milestone

When we get close to your baby’s next milestone, I will be in touch to solidify a date and start planning for the session. I will send you a guide to help you feel super prepared and ready for picture day.

choose your collection

After each session, enjoy a slideshow set to music to preview the images in your gallery. Then choose one of three collections – each of which include both digital files and a generous print credit. 


1-2 hour relaxed, in-home session to capture real life with your new baby



30-60 minute session to capture your baby’s new skill of sitting independently


1 year

30-60 minute session to celebrate baby’s first birthday. Bring some cake!



30-60 minute session at 12-18 months to capture the final stage of baby to toddler


Just like all my other sessions, you will first receive a slideshow of your gallery set to music. Once you’ve seen your slideshow, you will then choose one of three collections to purchase your images. Collections start at $450, and all collections include both digital files and a generous print credit. Use your print credit like a gift card to purchase prints, wall art, albums or additional digital images right from your online gallery.

Before you book

Get to know me!

Captured our lives so perfectly

We absolutely love every photo! She helped guide us, but ultimately let us act and look natural and captured our lives so perfectly.

Jessica, Lincoln NE

Still have questions?

Want some one-on-one time to learn more and have your unique questions answered? I got you! Send me a message and we’ll chat. I can’t wait to hear from you!

“She captured emotion in every moment perfectly”

-Hannah, Lincoln NE