Fun Fact

I’m a big believer in all things “woo-woo”. Just ask me about my logo

Fun Fact

Photography for me is less about “pretty” and more about telling a story

Fun Fact

I’m a single mama who refuses to settle for less than 100% awesome

Fun Fact

Yoga keeps me sane.

Fun Fact

I don’t feel like a “real” grown up most of the time. That sounds too boring…

Fun Fact

The sound of a running dishwasher is oddly soothing to me




Novita means “new life” – which is exactly what I’m all about.

Birth is literally the emergence of new life. It is also a transformation.  You are no longer the “you” you were before your baby came along. You will necessarily become something more, something greater.

Each stage of parenthood and each stage of childhood also brings new life.  Your family changes and evolves as your babies grow. You are not the same as you were a year ago. That is something beautiful to celebrate and capture with each passing milestone.

Celebrate each new moment

What’s Up! I’m Leslie

I’m a crunchy mama of two, walking through this parenting thing solo (for now).  My kiddos are my favorite teachers – they’re always reminding me that the way I show up in the world matters, and they’ll be the first to let me know when I’m off course.  I’m so honored they chose me.

I believe in the power of the body and mind to accomplish any goal we set out to achieve…with the right support.  You can do hard things. 

I’m a bit of a productivity nerd – I’m constantly listening to podcasts, reading books, and watching videos to learn more about how I can organize my life and time to fit in ALL THE THINGS.  (Any other Rach Hollis groupies out there?!)

But most importantly, I’m all about lifting others up – no matter what side of the fence you happen to be on.  Inspiring others to be kind to themselves, kind to others, and do hard things truly fills my cup.  If you have a goal, I’ll be there cheering you on.  If you’re feeling yucky, I’ll be there to sit with you in the yuck.

Oh yea, and I’ll have my camera in hand to document it too 😉 

What do you want to capture?