4 must-know tips for printing your digital photos

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing prints or artwork with your digital photos – then having them show up on your doorstep looking less-than-stunning (or downright terrible).


Before you hop over to Snapfish to print your memories, learn my top 4 must-know tips for printing your photos so they look even better in your hands than on your screen. Thank me later 😊 

#1 – Make sure you have a print release and high resolution files

I feel like this goes without saying (but maybe not?) – before you send your digital files off to be printed, make sure you have permission from your professional photographer to do so. You also want to make sure you’re using high resolution fies (at least 300 ppi). If you’re unsure if your files are high resolution, your photographer should be able to tell you.

#2 – Avoid department stores 

I love Target for sooooo many things. But when it comes to photo printing services, they kinda suck (sorry Target). The same goes for Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. The color consistency for these printers is just…off. Depending on which department store you use, you may end up with photos that have a pink, blue, or orange tint to them. Your best bet for getting prints that look as close to what you see on your screen is to use one of my recommended DIY labs – which brings me to my next tip…

#3 – Use a photographer-approved printer

I have a couple of favorite online shops that I recommend to my clients. My absolute favorite lab for prints, albums and gifts is Mpix. Mpix offers similar products as Snapfish or Shutterfly, but in my humble (professional) opinion, the quality is much better. 

My other absolute favorite place to get my photos printed is Smallwoods. They have the most adorable wood framed signs, along with some other fun ways to turn your photos into wall art. They usually have some pretty good deals going on as well.

#4 – Make sure to un-check “color correction”

When you’re getting ready to order your prints, there will sometimes be an option for “color correction.” You will want to make sure that option is turned off, so that the photos you see on your screen (edited meticulously by your photographer) will look the same (actually better) when your prints come in the mail.

That’s it!! I’d love to know if you found this info helpful! Please leave a comment below or shoot me an email at leslie@novitaphoto.com and show me your beautiful prints!