This is what you've waited for

Keep this moment fresh in your memory

family photos without the stress

Capture the best parts of this season

A big sister gives her baby sister a kiss on the forehead

Wouldn't it be nice...

if you didn’t have to worry about making sure everyone’s outfit was “perfect” or forcing smiles?

siblings laughing together on their family farm


Image how special your kids will feel when they look back at these photos and the fun they had taking them

A proud mom and dad pose with their 18 month old and sonogram photos to announce their pregnancy

What if...

you could capture the best parts of this season with your family without the stress?

Breathe, I've got your back.

Let go of perfection. Embrace the chaos. Capture the best parts of your real family.

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Your baby’s birthday will fly by in a blur. Remember every detail of the day you first met.

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"Worth Every Penny"

It’s crazy how, with all the chaos going on in the room, she captured that moment and made it look like time stood still. Okay, she’s worth every penny.

– Paul, Lincoln NE

"fantastic shots"

As soon as the first image popped up, I knew I would want them all. I mean, how did you even get so many fantastic shots?!?!?! Thank you for being our photographer

– Harmony, Lincoln NE

"I'm in love!"

“OMG Leslie, how did they turn out?! Honestly I didn’t have high hopes, because the kids were not cooperating. I’m in love!”

– Morgan, Lincoln NE

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